Play Arts Houses

Noortje’s House - Mangel Halto, Pos Chiquito, Aruba

75A, Spaans Lagoenweg

Noortje Vanderkooi is the founder of PlayArts Life Education. She started more than 10 years ago developing an original educational program through play and art projects. This program is the first to be based on the children’s rights and on what they love to do and achieve.

Afterschool programs starting at 150 afl/week and Classes starting at 15 afl

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Summer Day camp 2021 - starting at 50 afl/day (for half day)

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You can encourage free education by buying our famous PlayArtsPlayDoh and our sourdough bread at a starting price of 7,5 afl and we will give you our recipes

Donation based activities on Thursday’s at the blue picnic table between 5 and 7 in front of the Windsong villa, 39 Spaans Lagoenweg, Mangel Halto beach

Myriam’s House - Mont Tremblant Québec Canada

Coming soon - Fall 2020

Summer Camp - Summer 2021

French and math immersion - from 6 to 18 years old

Myriam Desrochers Fleury is an accredited primary and secondary public and private school teacher by the province of Quebec. She has been waiting many years to be able to implement an educational program at home for her kids and the children in her small community. She fell in love with the methods of the PlayArts Life Education and has perfected a math oriented - nature trekking - class, in addition to offer services in accordance with PlayArts program developed originally in Aruba.